Mike's Pool Playing Career

I've been playing competitive pool in the Bedford Pool League since that fateful evening in 1983 when Bruce at the Wolseley Arms tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I fancied playing pool for them that Tuesday.

Since then I've played for the Wolseley Arms, the Wellington, The Crown, The Queen, The Angel, The Clarence, Esquires, the Russell Park Club and now back to Esquires.

The photo above is of the victorious Angel pool team of 1995, after being presented with their Winners' trophies for the 1st Division Championship. L-R : Jonny Harlow, Paul Haeney, Steve Farrow, Mike MacKechnie, Steve Matthews, Gary Coull, Pete Fincham.

I currently play for the Esquires 'B' pool team.
I maintain a league table showing how each player in the team is performing - it's just for a laugh, but it does engender a friendly spirit of competitiveness within the team and it also gives me a chance to practice my Excel skills.
You'll be able to see the latest league table when I get the chance to put it together .

My pool playing career has not been without its share of successes. The table below shows the list of honours that are cluttering up my trophy cabinet.

Award Year Pub/Club
Summer League Group Winners  2005 Esquires
Summer League Group Winners  2002  Russell Park Club
Summer League Group Winners  2000  Russell Park Club
Summer League Group Winners  1999  Russell Park Club
Summer League Knockout Winners  1999  Russell Park Club
Triples Losing semi-finalist  1997/98  Esquires
1st Division Winners  1996/97  Esquires
Knockout Cup Runners Up  1996  Esquires
Summer League Group Winners  1996  Esquires
Summer League Division 1 Winners  1995  Angel
Division 1 Winners  1994/95  Angel
Division 2 Runners Up  1993/94 Angel
Division 3 Runners Up  1992/93  Angel
Finalist  1990  SMCD (Works Team)
Team Champions  1988 SMCD (Works Team)
Summer League Losing Semi-finalists  1985  Wolseley Arms