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I used to play Rugby at school, and whilst I was never particularly brilliant at it, it was certainly the sport that I enjoyed the most and could get away with playing for 80b minutes without making a complete idiot if myself. For those of you that are interested, I used to play at outside centre most of the time although I had been known to get my knees dirty playing hooker from time to time.

I played one game after leaving school, for a British Rail team in Watford, but it soon became apparent that my back trouble (which had started shortly before) was going to prohibit any further participation on the field.

I therefore retreated to the other side of the touchline and became a spectator at Bedford Rugby Club.

For several years I was a season ticket holder and travelled to several away games, experiencing the delights of Clifton, Morley, Rugby and Richmond amongst others.

When Bedford went professional, I begrudgingly put up with the increase in prices and the presence of over-zealous stewards, and I'm proud to say I was there when they clinched promotion to the big time (Premiership) in May 1998.

Unfortunately after then it all went a bit downhill. If you don't know what happened to Bedford Rugby Club, I can only suggest you click on the club crest up above, which will take you to the Bedford Blues web site. The only thing I will say is that I was one of the good people of Bedford who bought shares in the new club so that it could rise phoenix-like from the ashes of the Gurney era.

My attendances at games have been limited in the last 3 years, due to family commitments, although I still try to get along when I can.